About Me

Hi! My name is Kimberly.

I grew up all over the United States and have lived in a few other places around the world. My upbringing was pretty unique. I was raised by a bunch of different people and was always moving.

As a kid, I was depressed and had social anxiety, but always seemed like a very happy child. However, when I grew up, I realized how lucky I was to have connected with so many loving people along the way. These amazing individuals and the experiences I’ve had, both good and bad, all helped me bloom into a much healthier adult. So, what changed? My perspective did, and it was thanks to the people and experiences I encountered along the way.

“Every person you meet is a teacher,” right?

Every experience, too.

So now I want to share my path out of hardship with anyone who is looking for inspiration and positivity in today’s busy, impersonal world. From time to time, everyone feels down or finds themselves struggling. I’ve learned to love life by making things happen. I used to sit back and wait—wait for the busy and bad times to stop coming so that I could do what I wanted. But I learned the hard way that it’s up to me to make good things happen and enjoy life in the NOW.

No one has the power to change everything at once, of course, but each of us can tackle one little thing at a time. Soon enough, those little things really add up. I’ve been living this mindful lifestyle for over 9 years now, and it’s made me a much happier person. Although I aspire to be many things, I don’t confine myself to labels and forgive myself when I make mistakes. I simply learn, move on, and keep doing my best to be mindful in everything that I do.

Mindfulness takes work. Everyone has a different vision of the person they’d like to be, but I think we’d all agree that it takes a lot of trial and error. This journey has taught me to treat myself and others with love, patience, and awareness. It’s taught me to love better food. It’s taught me to research and try out new things, and just have fun while really living.

I’ll be sharing tips on how to live a HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE, COMPASSIONATE, and FUN life. I hope you’ll share what you know with me, too.

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Lots of Love and Warm Wishes,




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– 私、Kimberlyについて –