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Registration starts December 10th.

Classes start January 10th.

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What is Organic English?

Organic English is Mindful Michi’s communicative language learning program designed to teach students English using a natural “organic” approach, allowing each student to learn based on their individual interests and communication style.


What are the main benefits the program offers its students?

  1.  Enhanced conversational fluency
  2.  Improved immersion experience here in the US
  3.  A customized curriculum based on individual needs and interests, building confidence and overcoming barriers to language utilization


Program Highlights:


Using English in the context of real situations

The purpose of English is to smoothly communicate, and this program focuses on improving English skills with the expressions and topics that students actually need to use.

Student-directed individualized approach to learning English

Language skills don’t improve with casual English conversation lessons and classes that depend entirely on the teacher. This curriculum is designed to bring personal study and lessons together so that learning is driven by the student.

Continuity as the key to improvement

The biggest concern for both instructors and students is the difficulty of continuing English classes over the long term. Our language training facilitates students in achieving their goals by regularly monitoring their learning progress, and providing advice and professional English coaching.


How the program is introduced

Step 1.  Interview

We will consult with you about your company’s objectives, the goals for human resources development, the requirements for high-potential employees, and the gaps between where you are today and where you want to be.

Step 2.  Skills assessment

Organic English uses a unique skills assessment approach that focuses on communications skills: how well you are able to communicate what you want to. We use this in conjunction with your own metrics (TOEIC etc.) to assess the student’s current level.

Step 3.  Analysis

We analyze where to strengthen by identifying the gaps between current levels and aspirations.

Step 4.  Program design

We will propose medium and long-term programs for your company based on analysis results.

Step 5.  Program startup

We will arrange for kick-off meetings and introductory sessions so that students are able to begin the program smoothly

Step 6.  Coaching and monitoring

Individual employees are provided with coaching after the program begins to guide them to the final goal. We monitor student status and report to you as necessary.

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October 26, 2021