Q1. Where can I take lessons?

A. I offer face-to-face lessons in the Huntersville/Charlotte, North Carolina area, in addition to online lessons via Zoom, Google, Skype and FaceTime.

Face-to-face lessons are available at your company’s location, your home or our Huntersville office. Other locations can be arranged upon request.

Q2. How late can lessons be cancelled?

A. Lessons can be rescheduled if you contact us no later than 5pm, two business days prior to the scheduled date.
After this deadline, it will be treated as an absence and incur a cancellation charge (100% of the lesson fee).

Q3. Can the instructor come to our location for just 1 hour per week?

A. Yes, it is possible depending on the contract. Please contact me for more details.

Q4. Can lesson materials be customized for me?

A. Lessons are customized to suit the needs of the individual. Lesson content, lesson times and contract periods can be flexibly adjusted to meet your needs.

Q5. Can we request the program for only specific people within the company?

A. Yes, lessons are available for one student or more.

Q6. Can lessons be provided at our location?

A. Yes, lessons can be provided at your location for a minimum of 3 hours (if you are located within the Charlotte area).

Q7. Can you provide Japanese language instruction for non-Japanese employees?

A. Yes, lessons for beginner and intermediate learners are available. Please contact me for details.

Q8. Do you offer translating and proofreading/editing services?

A. Yes. Please contact me for details.

Q9. Do you offer lessons to private students?

A. Yes, please contact me for details.

Q10. Are lessons available online to students taking in-person lessons?

A. We offer regular and makeup online lessons via Skype, Google and ZOOM, and can also use other platforms upon request.