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    Kimberly Stewart


    Here is some of the stuff everybody came up with at the SL Tokyo February Meetup about Beauty. I added a bit more to show you what I’m trying to get done with the start of a kind of directory/forum for this and other information for people living in Japan. Please SUBSCRIBE HERE! (It will help me organize who wants this and other info directly) or send me a DM on instagram or email if you’d like to see this get done but don’t want to tell me your email. Haha, no pressure really! I’ll prioritize getting it up it if you guys are interested. ^_^

    This is just a mock of the idea using the info from last time and doesn’t include all the information. I’m still trying to organize and figure out what info to include, the layout, and get a temporary spreadsheet made up. I want it to be quick and easy reference guide.

    If you have any ideas, or know any sites that you like and would help, let me know!

    Although somewhat simplified, this is the transition to a more sustainable beauty routine.

    Regular Company –> Responsible Company –> Local/DIY –> Nothing
    (company with sustainable practices, etc)

    Product Pros Cons (sustainabilty, or use)
    water(face, hair) -adjustment period
    vinegar(face, hair, detox drink) -adjustment period

    yogurt (face mask)
    coffee grinds (scrub)
    honey (face mask)
    grapeseed oil(makeup remover) +good for eyes -may clog pores (other areas of face)
    on rest of face

    Mari’s Homemade Soap +natural, organic, -must order
    olive, coconut oil, +no plastic packaging -not local ingredients
    Instagram @mari.s358  +sudsy, all-in-one soap
    “The perfect soap,” Kim says. +made in Gifu
    by Kim’s friend

    Lush +good business -questionable
    practices ingredients

    Ethique @cosme kitchen

    Weleda @cosme kitchen -shampoo not very sudsy

    RMS @cosme kitchen +”raw, food grade, -some plastic
    organic in their packaging
    natural state (or as close as
    possible), from cultivation,
    straight through to manufacturing”
    +no animal testing -no cruelty-free
    +glass, aluminum -some vegan, some with
    packaging beeswax

    “Packaging for RMS Beauty products is minimal, and all
    of it is biodegradable, recyclable or reusable.“

    MMC @cosme kitchen +natural, organic -plastic packaging
    +made in Japan

    Shade (sunscreen)

    Azelique @iherb +natural -plastic packaging
    +vegan, cruelty-free

    Meow Meow Tweet +natural -plastic packaging
    & organic ingredients
    +vegan, cruelty-free -”with pure, all natural
    and organic
    +donate to charities ingredients”
    +fairtrade ingredients
    “Our cocoa butter, shea butter, sugar, coconut oil and
    coffee are all fair trade.”
    +ships plastic free
    “using biodegradable/compostable corn-based packing
    peanuts, paper, cardboard and paper tape. We reuse
    shipping boxes and materials whenever possible.”
    +cool & informative blog


    Some interesting and helpful references:


    Green Cosmetics: The Push for Sustainable Beauty

    + Informative and has nice visuals that show non-sustainable ingredients, etc.
    +,- Company that sells sustainable palm oil


    Beauty in a Jar (2003)


    Not Just a Pretty Face: The Ugly Side of the Beauty Industry (2009) by Stacy Malkan

    Since biases are everywhere, some plus (+) and minuses (-) about the sources will be included here as well. Some words that you may interpret as either good or bad are in bold.


    Again, this is just a rough mock-up of the kind of info that could be included. I have to work on drafting up a spreadsheet. Please let us know if you have any ideas! Thanks a bunch! ♡

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