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I was raised in a very unconventional way in a number of places around the world. I studied Sociology, East Asian Languages and Literature, and pre-med science at the University of Florida and graduated in 2004. Shortly after in 2006, I moved to Japan to teach English. I taught in nearly every setting to nearly every age in Ishikawa, Chiba, Gifu, Saitama, and Tokyo. Now, I’m here in Charlotte, North Carolina and excited about teaching English language learners like you!

Over the years, I have lived and traveled to a lot of very different places around the world, and made friends with the most lovely people from all walks of life. I came up with Organic English after learning that language is learned best when doing something enjoyable and interesting. I’ve learned languages such as Japanese, Spanish, Indonesian, and many more through interacting with people. Interests we have in people, life and our world can help us build motivation that makes communicating in another language integral and fun.

The program I have devised through 16 years of teaching English is designed to spark a love of communicating in English in you! My goal is to teach you how to study English so you can actually use it to improve your experience here in the US, and your life in general.

Learn more about it here or contact me . I look forward to talking with you soon!

-Kimberly (^_^)