Table Talk for Change

table talk /ˈteɪb(ə)l tɔːk/ noun

an informal conversation on a range of topics, as that at table during and after a meal

Table Talk is:

  • a way to organize a group of friends in order to “Think Global. Act Local.”
  • a way to communicate about all kinds of issues while having fun.
  • a way to make a difference.

We each have a journey or “michi” all our own.  Table Talk for Change (2TC) is an initiative that creates a positive environment in which to support each other on our mindful journeys – with the idea that a better self makes for a better world.

We SHARE information.

We SHARE concerns.

We SHARE knowledge and skills.

We SHARE ideas.

“We” make Table Talk – everybody and anybody.

Everybody has something special to “bring to the table”.

For big dreams to come true, we have to take little steps.

Contact me at for more information on how to bring more meaning to your “hang-out sessions” by starting your own Table Talk Tribe.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our community!